The Welcome Zone[edit | edit source]

Custom SASUKE Shows and Obstacles around the world all covered here!

Including competitions based off:

  • SASUKE (the original)
  • KUNOICHI (the first spinoff)
  • American Ninja Warrior (the Western explosion)
  • Australian Ninja Warrior (the most-popular ANW spinoff)
  • Ultimate Beastmaster (the first Netflix ninja-esque show)

The Information Zone[edit | edit source]

CSW is a place to be able to find people who also possess the love for SASUKE and its many spinoffs. However, CSW is different from Sasukepedia, in that it is not about the history, but more so the creation, where the users themselves design their own tournaments in their entire vision. Enjoy your stay!

Useful Links[edit | edit source]

These links are very helpful to get started in CSW or to find something for use.

  • Ninja competitions (For checking the list of competition made by the community)
  • Article stubs (For checking some of the pages that needs to be cleared or incomplete)
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